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    On September 7, 2008, Stephen J. Cannell, the writer-creator of The Greatest American Hero, openly announced that a movie based on the hit TV series was “in the works.” The announcement came at the Screen Actor’s Guild 25th Anniversary Reunion in Hollywood, CA.

    If Cannell had any doubts about the movie project going through, it wasn’t evident at this time. He went so far as to promise “acting jobs, not just cameos” for original TGAH cast members Connie Sellecca, William Katt and Robert Culp. Sellecca and Katt were both in attendance at the time of Cannell’s announcement.

    Cannell was not one to make empty promises. According to Cannell’s comments, which were reported by SciFiWire on Sept 9, 2008 and re-published by, the mo…

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    Queen Armada May 19, 2013 User blog:Queen Armada[3]Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada[4]Princess Armada transformation modeAdded by Queen ArmadaQUEEN ARMADA Queen Armada{movie} Zarconia started with an Army HK warfare Sattelite Euroattack.Build

    up on ON.Ontario but back in…

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