Played by: Dudley Knight

Occupation: computer scientist

First Appearence: Operation: Spoilsport


Charles W. Ratner was a computer expert who General Starker kidnapped in order to use he ability with computers to activate Operation: Spoilsport. His girlfriend; Nancy Benson saw reported the aduction and Bill worked the case until Starker had Military Intelligence take it away from the FBI. After Bill went missing luring out the people who were looking for Ratner, Ralph went over to his Nancy's place and tried on several of his clothes and he manged to recieve a holograph of his location. Ralph went to the Twin Palms Military Base; where he was being held. He and Bill then stopped the missles from firing, preventing World War III, and saving him. (Operation Spoilsport)

Abilities: Ratner has considerable skills with computers which Starkner used to activate Operation: Spoilsport.

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