Played by: Bernard Behrens

Occupation: doctor

First appearance: Don't Mess Around With Jim


Dr. David Sprinfield was James J. Beck's personal physician for years. Beck's friend; Marshall Dunn brought Springfield in when Beck's business partner; Jordan Heath, had the doctors treating him deny care. Springfield betrayed Beck by stealing his will which would leave his fortune to charity. Springfield played at a rigged game of the roullete at the Desert Air Hotel so his winnings could act as cover for the $10 million Heath paid for the will. Ralph sabotaged a few games using the power of telekinesis but was thrown out of the hotel as a cheater while Bill was kidnapped. Heath gave Springfield the money who stated that he did not have the will on his person and would mail it once he knew that he was safe. He had Heath walked him to his car where he revealed that he did have the will on him and gave it to Heath. As he drove out of Las Vegas Heath killed him with a bomb in his car.

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