Played by: Rae Allen

Occupatiion: hairdresser, psychic

First Appearance: The Beast in Black


Edith Morabito is a hairdresser who is reported to have pyschic abilties which she uses to find people such as a missing boy. Rhonda and her mother visits her which is the reason she arrives late at a salvage trip at an old house. After Bill is possessed by a spirit that haunts the house Ralph visits Edith to find him. She tells him that Sheila; the spirit, possessed Bill when he was momentary dead and wants to use him to escape the house before it is demolished. She also tells Ralph that to free Bill from Sheila he must go through a walled up passage way and pass the Beast in Black; a spirit quardian of the 4th demension. Using the information she gives him Ralph manages to expell Sheila from Bill's body. (The Beast In Black)

Abilities: Edith is said to have pyschic abilities which she uses to find people. She also has an extensive knowledge of the supernatural which is helpful to Ralph and Bill.

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