Played by: Thalmus Rasulala

Also known as: Victor Suchet

Occupation: President of Saint Peirre

First Appearence: A Chicken In Every Plot


Etienne was the son of the beloved President of Saint Peirre; a nation in the Virgin Islands. Never seeing eye to eye with his father he had him assasinated while he was on the presidential yacht. He then assumed power with General Louie Devout as his right hand man. They payed a man named Les Masters to assume the identtiy of a voodoo priest to gain control of the voodoo practing minority and have them due their bidding.

Ted McSherry; a friend of Bill's from the FBI, discovered the boat and was about to salvaged it. To protect his secret Etienne had him killed. Bill, Ralph, Pam, and Ralph's students arrived in Saint Peirre to help Ted salvaged it. They learned of Ted's death and was threaten by the voodoo cult. He used the name of a famed voodoo practitioner; Victor Suchet, and assumed the persona of a simple fisherman with poor English to get closet to the group. Ralph and Bill discovered the boat and the murder while Etienne had Pam and the students kidnapped. Using his Victor identity he tricked Pam in to telling him what Ralph and Bill were doing then tried to have her killed. Ralph, Bill, and the head constable; Colonel Felipe Augereau arrived to stop and captured him.


Etienne is a good actor and manipulator who is able to construct a very different persona than his own as well as arranging a large number of people doing his bidding by playing on their religious beliefs.

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