Head constable

Played by: Ron O' Neal

Occupation: Head Constable of Saint Peirre

First Appearence: A Chicken In Every Plot


Colonel Felipe Augereau was a resident of Saint Peirre; a nation in the Virgin Island who went to the United States to study at the University of Kentucky. He gradulated and would go on to become the head constable of the island nation. He was friends with the senior President Etienne before his death but often clashed with his son's right hand man; General Louie Devout, over his tyranntical practices.

After the death of Ted McSherry; a friend of Bill's from the FBI, Bill, Ralph, Pam, and Ralph's class arrived in Saint Peirre to help Ted salvage a boat. After learning of Ted's death and apprehanding a man who was searching his boat he was forced to arrest Ralph and Bill when the man turned out to be Devout. Devout began to strike them but he stopped him and freed the two. Ralph and Bill discovered that Etienne had assasinated his own father and assumed power as Etienne had Pam and the class kidnapped. Etienne was about to have Pam killed when Ralph, Bill, and the Colonel arrived to stop and apprehand him. The Colonel revealed to the voodoo cult that was doing Etienne's bidding that their preist; Les Masters, was a fraud and Etienne wanted to control them through their religious beliefs. Afterward, he arranged for Ralph, Pam, and the class to take Etienne's presidential plane to continuded their vacation while Bill had to take the rusty plane that they took to get to the island in order to make a report to the FBI on the affair.


As a constable he most likely received law enforcement training. Because he gradulated from the University of Kentucky he probably received a wide education.

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