Gen Starker

Played by: John Anderson

Occupation: U.S. general

First Appearence: Operation: Spoilsport


General Gerald Stocker became convince that commuism was winning over democracy throughout the world. He believed that America needed to finish their conflict with Russia. To make this happen he kidnapped Charles Ratner; a computer genius and had him activate Operation: Spoilsport; a computer program that would fire a number of nuclear missiles at Russia if the U.S. ever lost their conflict with them. The Aliens warned Ralph and Bill that Spoilsport had been activated. Believing that Ratner's kidnapping was involved he did a search for him in the FBI's computer system to draw out those investigating his aduction. Alerted that Bill was doing a search he sent some of his men who arrested him and brought him to Twin Palms Military Base where he was also holding Ratner. Ralph eventually made his way to the base and freed Bill and stopped Storker. (Operation: Spoilsport)


Bill served uner him in Korea.

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