Henry Davidson

Played by: Bob Hastings, Norman Alden

Occupation: mayor, hardware store owner

First appearence: Here's Looking At You, Kid


Harry Dvidson is the husband of Alice Davidson and the father of Pam. He owns a hardware store and was elected mayor of Deerlick Fall, Minnesota. He and his wife visited Pam in order to meet her new boyfriend; Ralph. Ralph, being busy working with Bill, was not able to join Pam in picking them up at the airport, to Henry's disapproval. Ralph also missed a dinner that he planned to have with them at a nice resturant due to the fact he had turned invisible. While this added to Henry's poor opinion of him he still spoke with Ralph's class about polictics. (Here's Looking At You, Kid)

Harry got entangled with a stripper at Ralph's bachelor party. Once the incident got out he dropped his outrage over Alice spending time with a male stripper at Pam's bachelorette party. They attended their daughter's and Ralph's wedding. (The Newly Wed Game)


Bob Hastings first payed Harry Davidson then a sportscaster. (It's All Downhill From Here)

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