Jim Beck

Played by: Joseph Wise

Occupation: businessman

First Appearance: Don't Mess Around With Jim


James J. Beck was the son of a tactor salesman in Kanas. Despite being a highschool dropout he took a job at a library where he read a book a day on various subjects. In 1920 he bought a plot of land with the $3000 he had gotten from his father's life insurance. He eventually worked his way up to being one of the most powerful men in the country.

Unbeknownst to the world, Beck and a friend named Marshall Dunn  were visited by the aliens and given a suit similar to Ralph's. Instead of using to fight evil he used it to build his fortune. He ruined a competitor to the point of driving him to suicide.

As Beck neared the end of his life his business partner; Jordan Heath, betrayed him and had his doctors deny him care. Dunn brought in Dr. David Springfield, who had been Beck's personal physician for years. They faked his death using the body of an ingident in his place. Dr. Springfield betrayed Beck and stole his will, which left his entrie fortune to charity, for Heath.

Dunn hired men to kidnap Ralph and Bill and have them brought to a building owned by Beck Air; a company Beck owned. Dunn brought them inside where Beck revealed that he was alive and knew their secret. They would either stop Heath's payoff of Springfield in Las Vegas or he would reveal their secret. They went to Las Vegas but not only could they not stop it but Dunn was captured. Beck called Heath and arranged an echange of Dunn for a new wil he had claimed to written. At the exchange he was wounded by gunfire. After the alien's ship cut off Heath's escape Beck went to them to take responsiblity for his actions with Dunn. They were beamed aboard. Beck's will became public knowledge and though it would be in probate for years it would leave a massiv eamount to various charities.

Abilities: Beck had a suit that gave him powers. What powers they gave him are unknown but he had mentioned invisbility as one of them.Since Dunn knew how Ralph could activate the power of telekinesis it is possible that Beck also had it.

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