Played by: Lincoln Kilpatrick

Occupation: voodoo priest impersonator

First Appearence: A Chicken In Every Plot


Les Masters was a man hired by Etienne; a corrupt president of the island nation of Saint Pierre, to impersonate a voodoo priest in order to get a cult of followers to do their will.

When Ted McSherry; a friend of Bill's from the FBI, found the presidential yacht of the former president; Etienne's father, who Etienne assasinated he used scare tactics to frighten him and then entered his home threatening him. His threats caused Ted to run from his cabin and he was chased down by Masters' followers.

Ralph, Bill, Pam, and Ralph's class arrived in Saint Pierre to help Ted salvage the boat to find that he was dead and to be threaten by Les Masters and Gerneral Louie Devout; Etienne's right hand man. Ralph and Bill found the yacht and discover that Etienne had his father assasinated to get control of Saint Pierre as Les Masters had his followers kidnap Pam and the students. They were about to kill Pam when Ralph, Bill, and the island's head constaple; Colonel Felipe Augereau arrived and stopped them. Augereau revealed to Masters' followers that he was a fraud and he was arrested.


Les Master is a skilled performer, able to convice a cult of voodoo followers that he had supernatural powers and to frighten Ted McSherry.

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