Louie Devout

Played by: John Hancock

Occupation: General

First Appearence: A Chicken In Every Plot


Louie Devout was a General in the army of the island nation of Saint Pierre. He was the right hand man of President Etienne, who had his own father assasinated to assume office. He helped Etienne mantain control of the people of Saint Pierre with brutal tactics which led him to clash with Colonel Felipe Augereau.

After arriving in Saint Pierre to help his friend; Ted McSherry, salvaged a boat Ralph and Bill found Devout searching the Catch 22; Ted's boat. Devout knocked out Bill and started to sail off until Ralph flew after him and knocked him out. When Augereau arrived he let him go due to his prostition and on his orders arrested Ralph and Bill. Devout tried to strike Ralph to interrorgate him but the suit protected him breaking his hand. He was forced to leave them alone by Augereau. He was later seen driving Etienne to the sacred site of the voodoo practioner Victor Suchet. They had paid a man named Les Masters to impersonate a voodoo priest is order to get a cult of worshipers to do their bidding. They were about to have Pam killed when Ralph, Bill, and Augereau arrived and stopped him. Devout was arrested.


It could be assumed that because he is a General that he had recieved military training.

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