Played by: Faye Grant

Also known as: Love Me Rhonda

Occupation: high school student

First Appearence: Pilot


Rhonda is one of Ralph's students and the girlfriend of Tony. Because of her desire to be treated nicely by others she was promiscous earning her the nickname "Love Me Rhonda". Because Ralph treated her kindly she developed a crush on him that was unrequited.

While searching for a Russian couple in LA she and Pam paired up. They had a conversation on what to look for in a romantic partner. Pam suggested that brains were more important than looks. (Saturday On Sunset Boulevard)

Her mother; Rose Blake, went missing, having been kidnappped by men working for a Russian spy ring. She asked Ralph for help and he and Bill rescued her. (Reseda Rose)

Rhonda is the singer of the band that the students of the education class formed. They opened at a concert protesting the transporting of nerve gas which was almost sabotaged by an enemy agent named Hydra. (Classical Gas)


Has an aunt who is a fortune teller. (The Beast In Black)

Has a dream that was never revealed. (The Six Hundred A Mile Fastball)

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