Played by: Woody Eney

Also known as: Bobby Moody

Occupation: federal employee

First Appearence: Fireman


Robert Moody was a federal employee whose job it was to give grants to various businesses. He would make deals with owners of failing business to give grants to them and then commit acts of arson burning them down. He would then split the grant and insurance money with the owners. He also burned down a federal records building to cover his crimes. He used the money to buy items for himself such as trailers and boats. After one of his acts of arson Tony repossessed his car from the lot of a rental car agency. After two detectives pulled him over because they matched the license from a description at the scene they opened the trunk to find a flamethrower, a fireproof suit, and other tools for setting fires. Tony is wanted for Moody's crimes. Looking to clear Tony, Ralph and Bill discover Moody's scheme. After confronting him Bill lures him in to a trap. Moody uses his flamethrower to cause his car to overturn. Ralph flies in and defeats Moody clearing Tony's name. (Fireman)

Abilities: Moody is cable of using a flamethrower and other firesetting equipment.

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