Played by: E.J. Peaker

Also known as: Reseda Rose

Occupation: cocktail waitress, file clerk

First Appearence: Reseda Rose


Rose is Rhonda's mother. She works at a lounge as a cocktail waitress but when money became tight she took a job at Technitron, a company that does defense research, as a file clerk. She began to suspect one of her coworkers, Eric Simpson, was accessing information he was not supposed to. In reality he was a Russian spy. After finding one of her earrings he realized that she was onto him so he had her kidnapped. She told her kidnappers that she had mailed Rhonda went to Ralph for help and he and Bill managed find and rescue her. After Ralph and Bill captured the spy ring Simpson was a part of they celebrated at the lounge where she works. In conversation she revealed that she would occasionally peek at the top secret files she worked with. While Bill was alarmed the others came to her defense. (Reseda Rose)


Had Rhonda when she was 16.

Lies about her age and to help with that lie she tells people that Rhonda is 10. When Mandy; her employer, commented about how big Rhonda was she responded that it was because of glands.

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