Played by: Kai Wulff

Occupation: chauffeur

First appearence: Saturday On Sunset Boulevard


Serge was the chaffeur for the heirness, Theresa. They fell in love and were married. The Russian government wanted Serge to take over her business so they could get a string of private islands that she owned in the Meditteranean but Serge refused. The two ran off to LA with a suicide squad of Russian opertives and the FBI after hem. While they were being chased they got seperated and Serge went to stay with his cousin while Theresa checked in to a motel. Ralph, Bill, Pam, and Ralph's class managed to track them down but the Russians abducted him and Pam. As they were in the process of exhanging Pam for Theresa Ralph got the better of them and rescued Pam and Serge. He and Theresa were runited. (Staurday Night On Sunset Boulevard)

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