Played by: Ned Wilson

Occupation: Head of Nation Guard Branch

First appearence: Pilot


Shackleford was the head of the national guard in the LA area and he was the one who was responding to the riots Nelson Corey orchestrated. Ralph, Pam, and Bill went to him with their knowledge of Corey's plot hoping to avoid dealing with th red tape that his higher ups would bring. Shackleford believed them and gave them a ride to warn the President only to reveal that he and his aide were memebers of Gabrielle's Army and capture them. Later, it was revealed that he was the one to fly the President's chopper out to sea, disable it, and parachute to safety leaving the vice president; Taft, in charge as Corey's frontman. Ralph, Pam, and Bill stop arrest him and the other leaders in the scheme. (Pilot)

Abilities: As a leader of a branch of the National Guard Shackleford most likely has military training.

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