Played by: Christine Bedford

Occupation: realestate agent (former)

First appearence: The Beast In Black


Sheila Redman was a realestate agent who was trying to buy a house belonging to a Miss. Burrows. Despite the offer being many more times what the house was worth Miss. Burrows refused to sell. Frustrated, Sheila killed Miss. Burrows by pushing her down the stairs. She then tried to salvage a lamp but was electricuted. Her restless spirit stayed in the house for an unknown amount of time. Occasionally she would cause a few strange occurences to happen. Ralph took his class on a salvage trip to the house. Noticing the occurences Ralph and Bill tried to get the kids to leave when a chandiler falls on Bill causing him die momentary. During that moment Sheila entered his body and possessed him. In Bill's form she goes back to her apartment but is caught by Ralph who takes her back to the house. Taking Bill's possessed body to the 4th demension/spirit world through a walled up passage way Ralph managed to get her spirit out of his body. They then leave just as the house is being demolished. (The Beast In Black)

Abilities: Sheila, as a spirit, had the ability to possess people. When she was in control of Bill's form his eyes would turn green (instead of their natural brown) and she would speak mostly in her own voice. She also had the ability to cause things to happen like things to burn or objects to move around.


She had a safety desposit box filled with jewels under a different name.

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