Ted McSherry

Played by: Todd Armstrong

Also Known as: Teddy

Occupation: Maritine Salvage Company Owner

First Appearence: A Chicken In Every Plot


Ted McSherry was a former agent of the FBI who use to work with Bill. They became good friends. Ted left the FBI and started his own salvage company on the island nation of Saint Pierre. He discovered the presidential yacht of the island's former president who had been assasinated by his son in order to seize power. Les Masters; a man who the corrupt president hired to impersonate a voodoo priest, threaten Ted, scaring him to the point of having a nose bleed. While he was tring to reassure himself that everything was fine Masters entered his cabin to threaten him. This caused Ted to flee from his home and he was chased down by Masters' followers and murdered.

Ralph, Bill, Pam, and Ralph's students came down to Saint Pierre to help salvage the ship. After Bill learned he was shaken up though he tried to hide it. He remembered him as a practical joker and a good guy who took in strays and that he liked to play things closet to the vest.

After Ralph, Bill, and the island's head constaple Colonel Felipe Augereau stopped Etienne and his men. Augereau arranged for Ralph, Pam, and the students to enjoy the rest the rest of their vacation in the former president's plane while Bill would go home to report to the FBI in the rusty plane they took to the island. Ralph suggested that Ted would find it funny to which Bill agreed.


As a former agent of the FBI he would most likely recieve training that goes with the postition and as owner of a martine salvage company he probably had sailing ability.

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