Desk Boss

Played by: Rod Colbin

Occupation: Mob boss

First Appearence: The Best Desk Scenario


Theodore Svenson was a mob boss operating in Tuscon. He worked with Chuck Hagman; the owner of Springsung Records, to buy the Desert Sun Motel in Las Vegas, Nevada. His lawyer; Clarence Carter, bribed the gaming commission to pray the way for the purchase only to end up with an investigation in to Springsung. Svenson sent two of his men to threatening him infront of his employee; Pam. Hearing that there was a witness he ordered his men to kidnapped her. While she was being abducted he also had Hagmen killed. He arrived in LA to oversee the situration and learning that Pam told Ralph about what happened he lured him to a junkyard in order to kill him. Ralph and Bill rescued Pam and arrested Svenson and his men. (The Best Desk Scenario)


Has a child whose10th  birthday party he had to miss to deal with the situration with Pam.

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