Played by: Michael Pare

Occupation: high school student, former repo man, band manger


Tony is a student in Ralph’s special education class. He is also the boyfriend of Rhonda Blake. At first his relation with Ralph (who he calls Mr. H) is strained but after the two hashed out their differences in the ring boxing, Ralph gradually gains his respect. (Pilot)

Ralph got him a job as a repo man for a garage in order for him to turn his life around. Unfortunately he ended up repoing the car belonging to a firebug leading him to be suspected of the man’s crimes. The garage wouldn’t provide an alibi because it was involved in illegal activities and did not want the attention of the police. While Pam represented him Ralph and Bill found proof that he was innocent and caught. (Fireman)

Later he became the manager of the class’ band, probably because of his lack of musical talent. (Classical Gas, Devil In The Deep Blue Sea)

Abilities: Has considerable mechanical abilities, having spent most of his high school career taking shop class.


Tony has a history of carrying switchblade knives, many of which Ralph has taken off him. (Pilot, Fireman)

He has been involved with numerous illegal activities in the past including stealing the hubcaps off cars.

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