Played by: Jack Ging

Occupation: Police Lieutentant

First Appearence: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


Tracy was Bill's Captain in the Korean War. He carried him through 12 miles of Korean wilderness after he was wounded. He was Bill's hero. After the war he became a police officer and rose through the ranks to a lieutentant. After watching criminals get off on technicalities he became disillusioned with the legal system and decided to rob criminals of a batch of diamonds, murder them, and move to Argentina. He managed to convice several other officers to join his plan including Sargent Edwatd McAstelli. He invited Bill along the heist but sensing his hesitation pretended he was not serious. His target was Abe Figueroa; a criminal he had been after for years. Ralph and Bill stopped the robbry and Bill arested Tracy. When Bill asked why he did to him Tracy responded he did to himself by building him up to be more than a man. Bill, satisfyingly, then punched him in the face. (My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys)

Abilities: As a police officer and a member of the army Tracy recieved training in those fields. He also has leadership ability shown by him inspiring extreme loyalty from Bill and him convicing other officers to go along with the heist.  

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