Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
ECV 00006

ECV 00006

Tornado of Souls and It usually comes out without any recorders

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Creator Ombudsman of billion light years away


Queen Aramanda Suit of Powers


Queen Armada GAH powers suit


Feroz from Space Navy and Parents Attractive women

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Feroz and her Grandma


Feroz mother and grandma

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Queen Auramada


Feroz and sisters

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Queen Aurramanda and her footpadding


Queen Feroz Armada

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Queen Aramda Feroz of Star Trek Stargate Gobot Pretender European Master Race


Queen Aurramanda and her parents

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Queen Aramanda GAH Suit of Powers Centauri can make a suit of powers with the corrections and more powers in suit.Centauri is our creator and much older than Allah.Centuari can work on the suit to put defenses and powers I Feroz need.Ready these powers for my Princess as my

Queen Aramanda with Space Military wear


Feroz and her mother with grandmas

children.Centuari is older than nothing.He is expert that when I am in that world of being processed to live as European alien AI Pretender Gobot that he works on my powers and to get rid of the flaws from the immense dangers.Against installations and many cut throats in numbers and many cutting tools.Gore.Ready me a new suit of powers and to interfere in my process of processing my real powers.My Creator Centauri.Blessings and blunt powers to counter the dangers of my life against evil.I go out to test it out to dive in shark infested waters and their red gums look possessed.For him to put prayers in suit and it cannot be removed or injection me.Only UFP Stargate Pretender Gobot European military can ready me for space and electronic injection me for space in every part of nature and war.Even side effects from medications as used deliberately as weapon like in mental disorder medication eye side effects.Antarctica has stuff or polar continent has that in installation.Pepper spray.Make people paranoid.In evil situation.More blessings from Centauri vs the evil Feroz will face as destiny.Tap into dreams for powers.Many other powers Centauri like train death,death Final Destination,dreamworld,Diamond Curse,UFO alien powers,Great Lakes Triangle,Transformer Gobot Pretender machine.I have these powers with the GAH powers and for Centauri to have Allah's symbol chase away evil.Evil wants to physically encounter me like prison and criminals,war.The war is unfair.Right now by religion which is the structure for the wrong side.British and Americans in space fuel racism and crime.Police are very corrupt.Going to a Fijian like me a white muslims of tribe.Centauri can even things up as entity and use the GAH suit of powers and touch my soul.Needed in war in far away place its new home in my next life afterlife.We're going very far and in invisible dimension.We'll have a new cause to rid my government of corruption so I can achieve goals and grow my family.My attractive women parents will be fee of any oppresion .Animals with their horns and teeth.Buck someone.Haunted houses and haunted cemeteries.Orbs change to people.Conquer my fears.Long process.I live in Durham Region temporary in ON.Time travel to past to school days and Cold War of 80's.Or back to 1970's and my Dad.Or back in time to Florence and my pastlife.Or

Holly Hathaway

travel in space but not to get lost and forget what planet I am and my location.UFP Stargate Pretender Gobot AI Europeans.Centauri to conduct religions prayer dua.Duas on my suit and I wear it.Dua on my soul for my war,dangers because fears come true from investigating.A forearm field shield and projectable field barrier to protect me from projectiles,cutting tools and firearms,lasers.Perimeter barrier to protect me in radius vs shark bites,animal attacks.My weight level of 240lbs and 6ft.Not that big and powerful more than a female.Beam saber of field.Utility belt for my lego alloy guns
1345817791m SPLASH

Lego Colt Python .Utility belt to have a invisible protection.cloaks and no one can touch my items.Its in my dimension.Flashlight.Webcam.Pouches.Projectable powers like in force of Star Wars.Lift and levitate things,objects.My strength.And ordinary GAH powers.Add in Allah's older brothers blessing powers during Venusians.Practicality vs even the law and law technology.In evil gets tapered down to rock and metal music,thrash.Their creators group perfect to be in on my suit of powers and myself,soul.They use evil to scare evil and this works to use rock and metal,thrash against evil.And their many powers in rock,thrash and metal powers from albums.Creators are very smart and have excellent powers intervention for good in on my powers.Works like a machine.They always bless me.They go by Shaitan and group when I have weakness to solve when I am in my darkest hour of termoil.Perfect vs fear and termoil being real.They and my symbol works with their prayers and powers.My faith to metal,rock and thrash.Use guitar solos as powers like beam saber.Many spells I will memorize from my suit of powers.Loaded with many spells and powers to counter my enemy demons.This is perfect to get sharks to help and aid me.Cause in metal and rock,thrash the shark god is member of metal.He is humanoid but giant shark predator.He is their creator.Goes to my tribal background to conquer West Irian Jaya.Hostile climates and weather,hostile and dangerous countries.Unbearable climates and outer space. Write the second section of your page here.I am Queen Armada or Feroz K and I am next to have GAH suit of powers .I am going to be 6"5" and much bigger than myself now in present.I am going to larger.Grown less than a foot bigger a person.No girl in me or feminin.Breed shemales but on scale as males.We don't dress up like mistakes of this galaxy.We add my attractive women parents and my ways from this galaxy.We all as family make our own and stay to our own to date and socialize,spouse is in between my family and Queen Armada's.I am going to be an explorer next time.I have my personality if people know me.Know I am polite but can get mean when its needed.I am a thinker.I am very smart in sciences and history.Specialize around animals,prehistoric,space,technology,military history,sciences.I am an isolationist and live on my own alone and that is how I am self sufficient.I am a mystery but good reasons.I am outside in public like back in 1900's government when theater and talk socialize outside historic area and meet white girls last time.I stay to my own and travel on the go and go region to region to meet new people strangers.I have my life outside in public and have powers to adapt to exercise from getting from place to place in public and in next life.I have my own place and my own provisions by the Lord Centauri who written me as by myself and have my own places next time and deal with emergencies in public.I will have 100's trillions of dollars in Star Trek Stargate galaxy and my island continent on poles.I will run things in toys industry and our theme parks.Graduating and having scores while living with my attractive women parents.Board members will spread and buy my ideas for each climate zone and area,regions in space.I use my powers to get to the corporation as a platform and base of operations .I have my next life Queen born from attractive women witch Stargate European Master Race AI creators.Both my parents keep in touch with me.I have my defenses built up and my powers to aid me.I am not a family person at all and when I born my children on my own they we would see if I am still to myself.That is me in all of my lives.On the go on commuting in middle of night when body gets cold from travel long distance to giant lake area.Native areas and travel over a grey dark sky sea to government area.To be in native areas and regions where its like a zone til you get to a major city.Mapping the dreamworld and its giant cities.Halton cities native area and in Brampton.Some in Durham Region.I am stocked up and prepared with my powers.And the many types of costume with powers from Centauri Lord.Dark blue and the violet.My padding for my foot is attatched to suit of powers.Have a cape for some instances and non from other suits.I use my knowledge.I am much a thinker and avoids dangers.I need my utility belt that in flight it has my lego guns forged into alloy to made lego real.Alloy lego bricks.Weld lego blocks.I carry my Colt Python.I can combat as I added some martial arts to real fighting and I have been in real fights with my opponents larger and more powerful than me and I can do much better.I am much more better than from school.Not same gender.I am much tougher.I can run and plant a kick and start to do moves like from wrestling.To do grip but to ram head in concrete.Tap it.I grab to force them down and use punches to drive them from being near me.I lay blows to head.And then my hook punch.I grapple and let go when something fails.I fight with very mean unstable people.Bullies and cool gang members that go overboard at saying humiliation to me then fight and I start to unload as I am not scared because of my arsenal.And that loser from past would have had me put him through misery as fun.With my powers I can do high heel kick to jaw.I am not acrobatic and stay on ground.I am good at defense.But I'll go for it and grapple.And push the head down on these unstable large guys.Or cool guy inch taller out-weighs me by 20lbs.I can fight all styles from large man to cool gang member that has grips then tries to shove me full speed into wall.And that is vicious fight.Because he gets moves in and I got to outsmart him because you can't take too many setups or he'll finish you.Many authoratative and government think they are above me and have me trapped in lower class.UN thinks they set me up to live like this oppressed and not free,deal with colored people's imput to except white people as government.Taking shame and ridicule from them.They laugh at us from their military family doing racism on us and intimidating me.Non of them do their jobs.Antarctica and places like Antarctica have isolated prison system where demons that are not dead have horrible problems like "Jack the Ripper" and cannibals of New Guinea and Mutant demons like X-Men.They are all gathered here for me to confront them.They all are past criminal and like Bane from Dark Knight Rises.Unusual and disturbing.For me to go to Antarctica to defeat them.My utility belt walk through hallways crowded with them.My knife and shark teeth defenses,shark jaw defenses to jump deepest part of river,sharks but like from horror.Bullsharks.My powers work against these evil the creator is keeping in polar part of the world.Installations.Walking in Greenland installations and the dangers and can't eat food.They all do a stand on me.They have some sort of problem and its from Church where my creator system and angels sold me out to this.I have no defenses and these enemies all know that and take shots at me.My defenses are these police officers that threaten me.Monitor everything I say and get picky.Higher than Allah is Centauri the Lord.Report to Allah to cause problems on me.Did his duties but was chippy side and raw.Allah has a role in my life to laugh at me as object he cries "Wolf on.He then set me up without any say from me as he does things like this.He used Bret Hart Asur.He has a family and he's got to be Allah's son.They started this thing of investigating my privacy and my white girl daughters who are same gender as me.The Americans became a superpower from my traitor defenses built America up in space.They are Allah's workers like Grogen.They taught my secrets to public.That is why curse not to flirt with white girl.My astrology became my defenses and grey energy curse.Allah saw that my life story was written and he could not change fate.Many creator's from outside world found out and brought me from galaxy of Galactica.I don't live with expenses.I am very clean and cleaner than more wealthy upper classes people.I am muslim but practice it my way.I am not a religious but put fact in my beliefs to make my life better.I study things from history and fact from my sciences and from past in space.That is how I know who Allah is in my gallery.I go to Allah when they have me in trouble and alert has gone off.Allah takes it off when he knows.Allah is happy that I have my generation that plays with lego as even elderly.Games and we're not as grown up as even 4yrs older than me.Because they are from 60's and they are more adult and have grownups fun.Fun for me is watching my sports and buying my favourite video games and metal music.I eat all sorts of junk food as my diet.My favourite Roman food.And Mexican.I don't drink liquors like beer.I can drink my choice liquors.Prefer what is like juice.I eat like from my marsupial cats family and housecat god family from my Mom.Cat sympathizes and knows when I growl at the vent.My Dad is some sort of Marsupial thylacine that is dog like but all of my cat habits is from Dad.I am fox like cat.We're big though in 130lbs as fox like cat.We live on ialands in Pacific.They say Fiji but I relate to South island New Zealand and Antarctica.I wanted Antarctica to be modern like Ontario.All of their companies came to North America.Allah.Did not do it for anything good.Cacharadon Megaladon is like Satan to us tribally.To us its not a Great white.Many sharks look like Cacharadon that are 7ft.Even tiger shark.When its too many they have home ni my island continent far away in space.I would love to go out and relate to the big cats with my powers.Go to cougar and lynx.Let them know its me because I'm their family member.From living with the enemy as US and allies are some sort of Neo Nazis and they are not good guys.They fail in test from being good and they are not peaceful.They cause trouble in world.Racists.They are on this planet a faction as many factions are like Germans and Borg.Dinguil and Dutch.Then Americans,France and Britain.They are not heroes or good guys.They are a form of evil.They think they are proving they are a good guy.I would use my powers in space.To go to light speed and travel in space to do my work.And I'll fight with warships.That is why I don't date or kiss any white girls,no relations with heterosexual enemy.Many police officers try to biggot me.They bug me and challenge me militarily and get way too British.They think that my military levels in society should be changed.They harass me from my color.And they use this lame excuse about the Middle East to start ones with me.They sound like a real jerk and ignorant that obeys Allah.They support white terrorism.Very careless in my safety from crime.And they want to loot my genes from my military secrets to drain my defenses to nothing.Try this admission to do blood tests.Then they test out many weeks or months later to bother me by letting crime go overboard on me.And Galactica and French add lame story about practicing for preppies and mauds about my early life of just less than 20yrs stint.Then I became Galactic Empire and gained this evil creator that works for Allah the Antichrist who is a doctor and works for military and corporations in Galactica,for National Geographic.He has goatie,bulky roundish face and larger than me old man.Has blonde curled like hair and his frame glasses.He is god to me from Allah's family and is very harsh.He is smart in chemicals and drugs.He used a grey energy into my body that can explode and has a curse.It was a process to rob me of my immortal powers to make me setup for this life.So my powers are trapped in my sleep.My real appearance is trapped by Antichrist Koran who is god for me.Curled yellow orange hair and trimmed beard and large old man wide shoulders.I had a race but was split apart from them.He does not know that he is making me die.Its going to be mine and I'm going to be touched by powers.It will be mine flowing in my blood to and my parents attractive women creators will get me my job as space military agent.My parents will raise me on our alien world in space that is 10 times bigger than earth.It is a gas giant and my continent is my dream on the poles of the planet better than Antarctica with everything I love.Minus 24 Celsius and I can go out with light wear from spring like climate.My Jean jacket and coats work.Because its tropical and has humidity and does not have harshness,wind chil or any of those factors.Train it use my powers in giant urban center of space.Its in billions of people AI's that I go around and find out what problems are with my powers to stuff like baseball starter pitcher,lead guitar,keyboards,backing vocals to being defenseman in hockey and soccer.My parents drive our agents car to where I am in trouble and are trained like government agents.GAH Venusia and UFO alien Evolution Process Angels caretakers of outer space{control orbit of solar systems and evolution changing,life}for GAH taught my parents rules in instruction booklet.And my space missions.Our military Stargate always take care of me from my parents and to me as citizen of our island continent and Queen of Stargate.Problems in UFP like starships.And I generate enough speed to go light speed from Allah's creation the suit of powers and instruction booklet.I put in a story to the suit and instruction booklet on first user of suit Allah put his elements into the suit.It has Allah's elements not all of them but fractional.And then first user was like Buck Rogers and older generations.Then the UFO aliens found the suit and took care of it and put in new codes to it,adopting it.Then Allah cared about the suit and sent UFO alien creator expert.It has last time Allah was good which is temporary from him favouring whiteman.Allah's suit can be improved by Lord Centauri and more powerful versions of the suit and its name but in new alien colors like mine is.Dark green and dark blue,alien violet.Have body armor for some.Centauri Lord put his powers much more powerful than any of the angels or heaven.For me as a transexual female powers that are female.Magic and psychic powers.Telekenetic but GAH.Gobot blasters produced EM fire my fists energy or raise mini cannon on forearm,GAH powers.It will help my powers from dream world.Knight and Queen.Cards and chess world of the Romans in Quran.Dress up as positions and powers.And heavy metal music My new wardrobe for being like a Marvel Hero.Protected by Creator Billion Light Years Away.Allah's older brother.Protected by Lord Centauri when I switch even to Allah improved by Centauri Red suit.Any magic kives or sharp jagged objects have no effect on me or do any hurt damage from surprise attack catch me off guard from a mutant or tyrant like creature as demon that is huge muscles and like Megatron of Transformers Prime or a giant shark.But giving me the protected wardrobe to counter each situation.My futuristic Knights face mask lowers over my face to protect me and to have use a power from transforming to fox like marsupial cat 140lbsd humanoid face with teeth and I'm black with like fox but features of cat from my mother and my fathers' marsupial lions family humanoids.My face needs to be hidden to use GAH powers.And I have thought of light saber.Because on alien worlds someone will withdraw a light saber.Counter it with a gem sword where the light saber collides into it from Dark Ages which gives me advice and from 16th Century cast of people or teachers and principles that tell me solutions my family can't.Use the Creator Centauri or the police officer,religon.They help me in my mind and can free me when I'm in trouble.My daughter's one is from 18th Century.Brilliant minds that from our minds keep in touch and are like a support.And they want to do computers. .My parents attractive women but very far away from earth in trillions of light years away in another dimension.That is far enough for shemale to marry female and stay away from man's interference for Feroz to be born with powers.And my parents take care of me as I am younger one as I have elder shemale sisters used to alien ways.They turned very caring when told set of instructions.They memorized many and have it written and they changed to be martial and to support me.My family took to me and I went off with another space Khan family.Feroz is separate from older Queen Armada who went off to her family and father.But my mother who borned me is related to Abigail McLaughlin Queen Armada's father as 2nd cousin.Primus's sister. ,Pretender's and Gobots symbol mergered into it as 1 symbol that can transform.I am a person but in my mainframes I use GAH powers.Cape gets into my way and I like a cat does to a collar I do the same with the cape with my hands around my throat.Its alright I will also have the suit.Attire that does not have damage or to get ruined.I would be beyond my suit because I would not have damage.Enemy will tug on cape and use it against me.In fate Feroz and Queen Armada on list in afterlife were chosen to have the powers of GAH and we have movies and television series go more than Cops.Many series like Superman.This has powers which I love.Because I have many more powers to use like from Rock,metal,thrash.Force fields.I need it to investigate Galactica and my pastlives.And against my enemy haunted demons in graveyard and galaxy that looks like possess women's face in space consellation of stars look like her face like alien.And for me to read quran.And use powers from it.I need it to ward off my enemy evil.And to confront the UN,UFP and Spike Cops.They fight with me as racists part the Galactica story of past.Then Allah pitches in on this.Allah has always pulled out rug on me and sabotages my life.He acts very criminal and ignorant to me.He took away me being Queen and used Bret Hart{Asur who changed to dog god on Mars,mob}He is creator and probably Allah's son.He though can beat the suit.He has such cheating underhanded tactics that loose to.And the Antichrist who is god to Feroz who is part of Galactic Empire as police psychiatrist in Galactica.He is a big man with curled dirty blonde hair bulky face with sharp features.My parents are counted on as I will be my own agent unless Queen Armada who will come in as agent and same with my parents and Princess Khan my offspring.Princess Inga Khan will try out many powers as she is my most intelligent.She is a younger but is genious.She can decipher things and I must wait for Princess Khan to be more than a teenager to get trained in Stargate military to do GAH.Feroxia is not a genious like Inga.Bicycle because of another approach or skill.The chain will break from a speed level.Land travel to bike around an area.Transportation.Car but bike uses skills.I am not a daredevii at all.I have used a bike for land travel.



Queen Aurramanda and Suit of Powers


Great Grandmas and Granddaughters


Great Grandma and Great Granddaughters


Great Grandmas and Great Granddaughters


Great Grandmas and Great Granddaughters

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GAH powers Princess Gobot Pretenders Alien European Race AI's,

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Princess Armada's

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Princess Janna Khan Armada

KusoCartoon 13977727285473

Princess Armada


Princess Armada

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Feroz Khan

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Princess Janine Khan of Gobot Pretender AI Space European bearer of GAH powers from her mom and single parent Feroz

KusoCartoon 14165610944347

Princess Alixia Khan

KusoCartoon 14165612559202

Princess Gilora McLaughlin
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Princess of Stargate Gobot Pretender Space Europeans Tessa,Xanxia,Korinas McLaughlin GAH powers my daughters same gender as me

KusoCartoon 14165611577076

Princess Zelda Khan

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Feroz's older sister parents Attractive women Creator's that help Feroz out

Villagra and Marion Khan

Villagra and Marion Khan GAH

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Princess Allison Khan,Feroz's youngest daughter

KusoCartoon 13915907034061

Princess Sharona Khan Armada


Princess Armadas next after me inherit GAH powers


Princess Armadas next in line after Feroz for GAH powers


Princess Armadas Space Khan in line GAH's powers


Princess Armadas in line GAH powers


Princess Armadas in order oldest GAH powers


Sharon.Someone that Feroz knew that Feroz always wanted,did not get.Next time in Stargate

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Jeanne D'Arc

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Feroz's GAH instructions
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