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Queen Armada May 19, 2013 User blog:Queen Armada[3]Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada[4]Princess Armada transformation modeAdded by Queen ArmadaQUEEN ARMADA Queen Armada{movie} Zarconia started with an Army HK warfare Sattelite Euroattack.Build

up on ON.Ontario but back in Peel.Then it spread to loyalities in family like ones of the past like Germans.They all had lost and needed to defeat an enemy of Space Alien whiteman and their evil government.Oppressor Bigotter. Queen Armada is my title.Its also a story of an ordinary transexual female that gained super human powers and abilities.I got them from the dreamworld.The dreamworld is a place a country and urban suburban cities.These cities are where I live in and have my powers of flight.It is flight that is natural flight from humanity away.The more away from humanity I am the more I have my powers of the dreamworld.I can fly real.I have types of flight I started with and trained in the dreamworld.I went back to 18th Century before flight.I usually practice my flight.I had no information on my supernatural powers.It was not famous.In the story I started as a girl in Antarctica in galaxy of Galactica.I enherited being the appointed Queen ruler Armada,my family lastname and my codename.I ran Antarctica with a senate of many alien worlds.Then I became unfamous and lost popularity and was picked up to live with the space Americans of Gattaca.I lived there as an ordinary white girl tranny.I then moved around galaxies to this one.I never ever regained being of the government and popular.I then became popular in my own world.Creator Allah gave me a world in afterlife to be born in.!/Marvel There I can use my powers as Queen Armada.I started with death and it added many death powers.I gained in Halton UFO alien death,Diamond Curse,Super 8 and Great Lakes Triangle.I gained power from train.This started my power of flight.I was upright in my clothes natural of dreamworld.I was flying upright and flying amongst the traffic and superior than machines.I rode in subways which are connected to shopping malls.Subway trains go mach speed.Buses are interdimensional and travel fast.Because the planet I am on is biggest star Epsilon Aurigae which was a planet with cloud cover.Civilization is complex.I travel around on grey coach go mach and travels far to far away facility terminal.Enter native territory.Native territory has complex cities and brickhomes and giant massive parks and lakes.I use my power to hover and fly there for trips.I am high above and descend down.Impossible to walk massive size and I can see the inlet with the historic town.My flight practice over buildings.I then drop off the ledge and first power I had death within decade stared like a black cloud and took me horizontal up downward a building then down to the ground without touching and hovering full speed forward upright,structured.Then I learned in different areas how to fly and use my ability as it increased.To the high concrete structure wall many 100's meters up and perched on the top and use UFO to float from pallisade to pallisade.Then to do superman's vertical and full speed into outer space.The only one that could stop me were creator' hands and I circled back full speed to break through the gravity.Then I left my home with Princess Armada my daughter same gender as me.She was at the top and waiting for me.We left flying from my home and flying above the streets making a left and detouring above the highway and roads full speed in flight above the cars.We then raised in arc and flew upright to Vertical takeoff and landing and then to hover above the streets and procede deaking out and passing traffic and buses upright.We have an air cussion and no cold even in space,my outer wear.Many times in outer space and on my afterlife alien world and neighbouring planet to fly to it in orbit and re-entry and land at the airport.Take a shuttle and fly it myself.Telekenetic power natural flowing with energy.Mastery in my flight and abilities.Being more and more faster and routine.Flying under water but curve to leave out and then go to VTOL upright stance flying forward full speed on roads.Being equal or above vehicles.Use it for stealth in schools to be above on ceilings.To use it to get to place less then 15min to place that takes days.View space with the stars reality.Going into alien space with trips flight with my family.All of us flying to alien world re-entry as we practice and I teach each of them.Space stations and our veritech fighter for transportation as a family.She is born a teenager but a machine as me.Then therapy using buildings and something in between the office building to stop my fall and to help me up with hydraulics in between.Then I regain my form when I drop.Going to nightschool in early morning in hallways flight down the halls.Dreamworld subways and buses are higher than my crown,perfect in Allah's world.Subways go on endless but to stops.They have branches and directions and 3 main cities.South city and South West City and Native city of highway collases and giant size everything.Office buildings and many city blocks then to housing divisions.Going up north bus ride to Space Great lakes giant and dark in On.Montreal in space.Place here but way larger in less then miles for schools.Facilities and use my power to travel.Vector thrust to space mach speed.My world and home in future.Then to go shopping for groceries in subway.Many stops with long walks and concrete corridors.Walk using power to gain distance and not to get tired.Shopping centers and Subway trains that raise and lower,stop at buffet.Ramps in use.My power uses the highways and streets to fly on and upright on sidewalk full speed gain further ahead.Training in giant attriums of giant city hospitals and buildings inside fly up past them outside a flight in my dream as thrill and done expert.Then velocity goes faster past buildings.Queen.Moon.Arms folded downward by my side.My afterlife is expert and very cool.She is very wise and smart.Starts up my intelligence million times more.Walks and using my power to gain.Trips to south to parks and historic areas from above and then expertly fly down and land at historic town on inlet.Fly above the water transportation flight and fly to a donut above the water in the rain to the lakes.Back in old days no planes or flight in air.I then descend upward above the high grass and upward the hill mountain.Princess Armada rides her skateboard with her power and Feroza and Gloria both consecutive jumping off their boards in the air and dropping down to land on them and surfing on them.High atmosphere and my girlfriend's Marie Angel,Mary,Jen Masterson and Sharon of Macross F went to school with impressed by my power.Sharon Roberts.I dream of her alot and going to her school in investigate with Princess Armada and she does the computers when I tell her instruct.Fly forward posture robotic lock up on.Travelling to Native city.Once we've passed an area seasons and light are darker we're in a new territory in our car.We are passing through areas on our way through the houses that are old with driveways in center of like a map between Manitoba and Ontario in dreamworld not called that.And a city traveling through desolate places with some civilization cut off with parks all over the place then a super sophisticated city that is a dream and beautiful with reflective center building outer.High cities skyscrapers and subway system and just as the southern city but bigger.Bustling Urban with space transit and subways.Ramps spiraling around in center of city and factories.Malls part of skyscrapers with Montreal from door to door,opening doors to get on the other side of building structures on my way to train station and cut through a library.Take some buses.Cutting in out of complicated bus stops and long ones.Subway routes are complicated.Traveling with my home on my legs and work to leave for the city when it gets evening.Isolated but superly self sufficient because of the increase to change million times.Uses space cellulars when myself does not.That is how I will excel above the white race as a robot being.Very wealthy but as ordinary poor and ordinary.No work but ill,mental.Makings of a super story to come to this world from that universe.Super being Queen.My crown changed in evolution been a long time.New personalty and cool.Rules and rules from the creator's world and caretakers of outer space "Evolution Process Angels".The movie "Queen Armada" happens when an ordinary person in afterlife gains her powers{transexual female}from the dreamworld and regains being a Queen Ruler.She is able to fly and defeat gravity with powers.She gained these factors from death Final Destination,Train,highway,UFO alien,Great Lakes Triangle,Diamond Curse,Super 8.These powers contributed to activation of powers in Feroz's body system.Now the Dreamworld is out as the real world inside Feroz's body.Feroz is a white race muslim background from Fiji.Hardship and times of Tribal Pacific.Their gods to Islam.House cat God's family and father Thylacine God's family being change to a person or ancestor.Queen Armada practiced in the safety of the dreamworld her powers.Now she is using them in the real world and Toronto.From Halton and Peel she travels in ON.She is in Toronto in less then minutes.She can go to being a citizen and has no costume except excepted dreamworld suit natural bodies suit and attire.Now the place in dream represented real as Hamilton and Toronto.Then to fly to Antarctica and Greenland to investigation my past do with American space Greenland state like Alaska and Antarctica and French of Entente space.My former homes in outer space in other galaxies,Stargate Atlantis for Antarctica and secret society.So I practice flying my powers and go into space vector thrust build up to space.Space sonic boom but silent over speed.Beating re-entry and investigating Sol System.But then I'll build my empire and space navy.But someone was getting really devious and found my counter and enemy while I was practicing.Space Military man.He knew all secrets and practiced Space military powers.Force Fields and energy weapons.Another is nemesis counter.She is a witch that practices my power but evil and white,practice voodoo,zodiac and cursing,heartless and authoratative.Witch Nemesis.Vampire man who is from a blackhole and is a creature insect that behaves like a Vampire with space abilities.Vandal of Space Urban worlds.Vandalistic being of space urban civilization criminal that does things like Half Life dangers.I then used my powers for good practicing from the heights of corporation building and opening the door to step over the Skyscraper hights.Foot over that with my suit and to use my power to cross and fly over solid structured flying postures and abilities.Upright to cross and to fly like swimming through air.Summon different speeds.With stand space like a robot.I am a robotic being in dreamworld.Real world I am robotic with powers.My first enemy was like a civilian and was blown away by my mach speed and ability,mastery of my power.I am million times more intelligent than the civilian Feroz.My body system cycling million times.Future of 20 000 AD in afterlife.My other enemy Vampire man was my explorations and flights in outer space,UFP and alien worlds feeling purplish like Telephone company commercials.Commercials of afterlife like music.Next century.I am a being of robotech era and futuristic outer space.Vampire Man and passing by a blackhole on my flights.Vandal was found when he was in his apartment and I flew past it.He then got angry girlfriend made a comment and swore to counter me.Anti Christ is another that when I say something this punk counters with Allah's family.Smart mouther counters the good I do and came up with beliefs.His family backs him up.Enemy follow me to warfare.Space Military Man was from UFP and my trips first contact with white races empires in space.To get in touch with more space governments and to get inside their society from agreements and why they place rules on Sol System and earth,ON.Space military man was outraged I was well liked by UFP and United Nations.He swore to do something to himself to beat me in thinking I am a military expert.He put himself in a project and machine to give him military machine's powers.He got them and is a mad man with powers.Doctrine and policies.Anything military.I have on my side my daughter same gender as my Princess Armada's.Many Princess Armada from my eldests to my youngers.We then fight these enemies and do moves and co-ordination."Mom"!They shout outloud and do a setup.They are daredevils and skate boarders.They can do combat moves to fight with my enemies and punch them.And to do police moves on them.We the Armada's have authoratative powers like police in my genes from Space America Greenland and European Federations of outer space.Then I lose my power from drug narcotic smoke which renders us to lose our power.We have methods to withstand this from the animal kingdom.Princess Armada thought there was no reason to do fighting but learned hands are full with fighting and swearing with the enemy.Mom is fighting them.Mom uses wisdom and Some tribal in her fighting and Sciences as Princess Armada.Princess Armada is going to school and flies by her school on her skateboard she made or board.Halton and Peel former places we lived in.Queen Armada is civilian that would roam the streets and do passive things,visit gallery and to be outside or inside her apartment studying and watching channels above 100.Military Channel was competant,Space channel,Discovery Channel,movie channels AMC and sportsnet and ESPNC,Galaxy classic Rock.I prediction what the enemy does and use my brawling combat and upper cuts and to sling them.Battle ground of Toronto GTA in movie.CN Tower and Dome.Another mad man was shark god's family.During my flights shark god would observe me flying full speed over the waters of Toronto and oceans.The shark would jump out to nash.Shark then found a ground with water and water to shark in Toronto take the plunge."And Your Fijian?"in Descent.Daquwaqa.Daquwaqua.And we want to get to someone helpless in afterlife.Princess Armada going to school.But she will change and make an excuse she needs to go other part of the school and change with her dreamworld suit and accessories.She will contact other sisters by cellular with robotic commands.Our flying and mastery and we learned as a family in our flights and pick any where and flights in outer space.Landing on alien worlds of government.Space military Man is authoratative we are not allowed to land on American soil in space.He will fire energy pulses and all sorts of space tv shows powers and military powers and training and talks like a Sgt.Vandal during my flights lay out saw parts and rusted debris sides of buildings for me and Princess Armada to crash in.Communicate to us in spray paint.Like in Half Life.Shark God found the Zodiac Witch who was in Quebec City and found to patronize Queen Armada with new ideas and Alpha quadrant upstart big shot wearing Maude Mod clothes with shades.I take her and punch her in between her eyes in flight.I use my stances to land kick.I land on the ground and start to fight,landing my running kicks with punches.Then police grips and more punches.Enemies.Princess Armada's refined Sciences powers and supernatural powers focused into sciences as Mom.Blast them with a charge of psychic energy.We grab the debris and send it flying at the enemy,we go to grabbing and removing these junk.We then send a car flying at the Shark man.Survives with mutant powers.Queen Armada is gripping the tonnes weight mutant "Shouting out!" to Princess Armada to fire a charge at him I got him now!"Difficult to get a large mutant in that posture for some much time,like a Resident Evil Tyrant.They the enemies as a gang are on the faces and gathering to get up from Queen Armada and Princess Armada's.Top of CN Tower looking at each sector of Toronto.And going down hovering and full speed slanted.I am the shortest amongst my tall and heavy daughter.She is bigger than me to my younger three more inches bigger.I change to civilian to do my walks but to leave areas of Halton full speed to day in Hamilton and Toronto to scout the enemy as tourist going to the ROM and museums for the day to research my enemies.Villain enemies with supremacists in their family.Using the elements to make a spell of gas and use Quranic phrases.Princess Armada and Queen Armada.My hobbies of showing the archives,studying and sciences.Looking at places that could have been.Dating and spouse in University which did not happen.Fun and former friends I lost.I also lost Sharon Roberts. [1]Evolution Process AngelsAdded by Queen ArmadaI leave machines of highest robotech Cybertron complex and go to my power instead.Princess Armada shrugs off technology and goes to her power.Ride bicycles. [2]Princess Armada and our space bicycleAdded by Queen ArmadaBike riding and use of 12 speed remodeled bike to go on highway speeds by peddling.And using our power with it while riding.Bikes.10 speed and study this at my old townhome as a base in Peel in time travel reserving it in the decades 80's after my father's MLB career during 70's Steve Trachsion LF Pittsburgh Pirates which is a great movie for H.Khan my dad.Powerhitter greatest player ever in sports H.Khan.Greatest Pirates champions team that defeated Boston,Orioles,San Franscico of AL,Yankees and Tigers,Twins,Brewers and KC Royals as the champs early 80's in space broadcast.Talented and his supporting cast.Princess Armada to time travel to grandad and his games.My life changed to Transformer Gobot Universe Dreamworld urban,suburban civilization.Urban city with empty subways but enlargened where my crown does not touch anything,shorter.Board the subway and the streets and roads and there are cars and traffic.Gianter size than this world.Winter with salt on snow and ice.Cold and hot in summer.All season.I have my super powers in this world,soul is free and has my death powers and diamond curse.Final Destination,the ark arc,UFO alien death,traffic death,Great Lakes Triangle,voltage death,Super 8.With these powers in dreamworld and glands growing and collecting energy for my powers.I can fly and am dressed up in my wear.I have solid gravity and change postures very fast,consecutive mastery one after the other and lessons on postures.Upright use on roads byt slant like skating over roads air pressure above.And upright like Superman over the paths and roads full speed above the cars.Upright in the air to do VSTOL STOVL and Princess Armada[5]Princess Armada Transformation modeAdded by Queen Armada[6]Princess ArmadaAdded by Queen Armadais taught this from me as I take her out to learn and she has her transatmospheric boards and skate boards for flying.It was like a gas cloud but now its a built in mastered power.Go on the ledge as my training in dreamworld,cloudy reddish light.Buildings and trains which are tracks which go South and from South to lake area along the lake to go South West to another city.North or to continue further into native territory with giant mountains and giant parks with cities in native area and towns with houses above the Freshwater lakes.Travelling either South west to Native or just go up North.Station in the dark as sun goes down North Queen Armada military Army modes Added by Queen Armadadreamworld.Bus has tracksion electric to go within 300mph.No animal life over the roads system.Bus is for outer space and in dream.Buses of South City are transit that travel in a very complicated and far routes.Added speed and agility,100mph and lowers to curving around the corners of city civilization of cement.In this world I have my powers to go to to be more efficient at paying my rent and going to education.Subway is part of shopping center.Many stops and routes to subways are square tunnels from outside,change to be squared off by masonry,walk for part mile to station.Go into subway and this makes a noise in mach speed.Train goes in mach.Goes to French Canada dream.Walking in many rooms which open and lead to a station.Cut through a library and keep walking.Facilities walk in industrial lights lit buildings,around corridors and down stairs for many miles and school buildings like this.Time of day its dark or in the middle of the night.Suburbs are like this but bigger.Subdivisions and streets with parks.I use my power to float above the roads propulsion.My training from the buildings of the city to space.Transformed in being mode and have acceleration very high mach speeds Space KM per hour to go to space and over power force on me either from nature and in space.Visit other worlds space travel,touch down going upright re-entry to another alien world.Go to the theater and spend time with arrangements.And to fly veritech fighters in space to travel and go to alien worlds,travel in space.South West city has ramps and is from native city descent.Subways going south and to the canals ways.Buildings and places to practice.The drivers of this world watch and board the buses.Ramp and roads and highways inside the city beside them the shopping center with train like open concept for subway.And to travel daily life on subway.But with my power I can fly up and travel full speed and be in a city from suburbs in less than 20min.To use my stances and positioning as a power and I'm in the city core.Shopping center or to go through the doorways of hotel building,openning doors and walking through corridors to get to a street.I go to the subway to take the train,walking in the corridors and board the train by myself.Train being advanced and can go to mach to native territory and housing divisions large brick homes south and lakes.Take trips to native territory South West to fly to inlet and be above the town of historic structures network and and hover land on the ground massive park.Then I go to my power to make ground on giant size take forerver without my power.And the lessons of the creatures in the giant sea enlargen lakes.Hover above and go to the hangout government of dreamworld to have donuts and everyone is inside and windows looking to the lakes system.South City lake side is a sea and has beaches and network of park and this goes back up a route into the city.The area has high walls of land.Beaches are alot.Take walkway to the subway to make ground with mach speed.Long trip to French Canada on train and to have made it to the station by cutting through rooms and corridors til made it to the station.Buildings are in the way streets barrier.Train goes til end of the day and reach French Canada and go shopping mall and to work.Work in the mall and mall closes and to go to the big city after work.Territory native to fly a fightercraft at lunch from school to make it to arctic wilderness touch down on ice runway.Make it home within the day with swing wing fightercraft.South City has the historic area where end of the subway.Stop has cobblestone bricks and everything historic structures and history.Education is done here for me and Princess Armada.University and go upstairs to the library.Goverment of dreamworld.Historic area has painting and tunnel with paintings and to open the lock on the door with the keys to my room.Then from my room to go from door to door with paintings in history lining up the tunnel inside the mansion.Mansion in South West Native area.Long trips and my car in native area of houses,brick homes and driving along the streets and roads.Native city bright orange with highway tunnels and passes then to the high rises travel within the city.Native in North has schools and travel by bus cut corners and travel on roads scenic.Then to the school building and place of rent.Place of rent bedroom and downstairs kitchen.Then another day of school building white building.Wooded with nature and buidings. Zarco Space U.Boats transform to robot being Added by Queen Armada From the Dreamworld as support the machines and terminator armies and goal of outerspace.Outerspace and we'll linkup up with Dark Nebula Empire and have our Terminator warfare improvised.Vehicles serve as terminators as a war on humanity from Queen Armada's perspective.We have built up our loyalities from afar and now its time with our fortifications of Hudson's Bay and James Bay Islands,Baffin Island,Western Canada to Antarctica Red Sector A to Jupiter in outer space..Feroz is a calm and unexpressive individual that is smart but did not finish Secondary school.Sharon could not have gone out with Feroz only in 2000's because a simulant was taking Feroz's place in this world useless being.The body from help treatment threw out the guest that was over loser.Feroz was cool 2000's.Out going but alone and isolated.By herself to watch things.Remember the past and everyone in academics time of their teens to making it.We were groups and in 80's it was different than 2000's of our lives.Afterlife and making it with drives out to show outside cast were the stars.Drives early past midnight.We all would not be together.One day Feroz would have her super powers and make her own female world.Evolution a mother goes through phases and time traveling to mark of 1900 and what it was like back in ancestory historic days and to me in space.Taking the bus and transit,train and commute.After her power is done can rely on it to take her home ride full speed upright travel on roads or to fly above the cars upright.Upright on my legs forward travel at speeds.Being of another race was a big deal and harder on immigrant children.Hard.We lived in suburbs.We lived it tough with the Cold War to kick into things.Time travel to my home and to tell them I'm here and to remove "It!".Remove him.Unwanted.This is my home and food.I can prove things all out than It is rightfully mine.Series of messages and agreements it can be done to have Carlton Place back in 80's and for the memories.Daily life and to have found girlfriend.I can project a barrier and play with forces to hold and grip things from my power.I can control the elements and change of states them.I am robot strong.I have my armors.I have types of energy powers and and can focus my power in shape changed arm into a current from "Storm" out of date to using science and not upsetting the city even in combat use this to my advantage.Marvel Heroes cause city and people cause commotion and I don't do that.I can linkup with electronics like elements to serve me the hydro and systems linkup from my hand changing.Merger and manipulate.I can grab parts of debris that don't exist as weapons.Pull out a metal fence post and use this.Weapons in my ancestory to use that my hand can change to a ball and chain wrecking ball as I am a supercomputer.Change into devices and cutting tools to combat the Shark Man.Devices as military devices too Princess Armada.Well I have turned back to ordinary tranny again and am dressed up for outside,designer clothes but for summer,my designer black top shirt with jeans.I have been making trips to Hamilton and Toronto to research and know the area better.So I am a civilian.I want to say I am from Region of Halton.Well I got my money and rented a temporary flat to know Toronto and Quebec City more.I speak in afterlife francais.I will then travel in a network and travel to Quebec City in my transformation.Based in Toronto.And my enemies have gathered from various areas and USA and Europe.They have arrived having detected me.Shark Man and Military Man both met and Military Man says something military.Military Man at the X went up in the air and out flew and brought down and obliterated many fighters in Airshow.He caught me of guard.He met the Shark Man and he came from out under water and started to clap as a fan.People were terrorized.I would strike later.I would in my civilian then speed up my nervous system to just think to change.Changed and my clothes replaced by dreamworld clothes.At night time I scower the area and Princess Armada then thinks to go to X and Ontario Place.We land in Ontario Place.We check out the shores to Lake Ontario and "she says I hate this" and bangs a steel pipe against an underwater ladder.Over and Over.With our sensors up watching,with momentum and speed we send the message.He then speed diving out water onto concrete walkway.The creature then talked and said I am the "Shark" and we all were jolted by fear and Princess Armada and all of us airbourne up in air away from him.Safe distance in air and said out a threat to challenge us or he'll destroy the world with his friend the Military Man.Battle of Toronto was to happen.We then got airbourne and tried to capture him with invisible forces but he jumped back into the water."Then as we flew our way out,An energy burst came flying and I grabbed Princess Armada as other elder daughter pushed me out of the way.We regained our ground and it was Military Man."We yelled alliance with the "Shark" and he fired a shot at us.Princess Armada evasive monuvers and dissipate the shot with an energy shot to drain it and explodes.Guided.Military Man shot out another shot and this one made a giant energy jolt and he was gone.Flash made a decoy for him to escape and where.Their base was under the water entrance.We then flew back to our base units of apartments.We were all going over things.Battle of Toronto had to be done to stop evil doers.Princess Armada many days later was as a civilian walking and around a cemetery in Toronto the Zodiac Witch who then appeared and landed before Princess Armada.She then left a message saying she was going to capture us all.Then Princess Armada was to take off and Zodiac Witch was gone.Princess Armada brought the info back.We knew they had their base.Then we all went out in force to fly over Toronto.We were at the CN tower and stealthily.Landed on Tower.We were scanning and thought we should know where their base was.We were fly approach underground and from lakeside.We then split up and Princess Armada scanning was looking in a park and Cemetery area historic area.We knew or thought she got her power this way as a student.By Lakeside banging on ladder was to fly underwater.Drop under with a field to protect ourselves while she climbs down the ladder fully and it took her to an entrance under water.She used her power to get inside concrete area.Base.And now to be stealthily and recon the enemies.Princess Armada got in and found her younger sister and they joined forces and were listening."We should'nt fight but should get back to the others.Shark then yelled to Military Man their intruder!They went around they were long gone.They then staged their attack on Toronto.They were rampaging on streets throwing cars around and playing baseball with the cars with Military man.Zodiac Witch was using her power to level buildings and participate in levitating the cars.People were in terror.Then a sharp speeded kick from slant full speed nailed off balance the shark from Queen Armada.Princess Armada with the car disintegrated object.She then younger went in with a upper cut punch into the gut Zodiac Witch sending her flying.Shark Man was lying and got up and I went up in the air again and knew a physical game would be in his favour.I fired EM restraints on him.Then I made the temperature to evaporate everything around him spraying my hand.Princess Armada was engaged with Military man who fired a charge dog fighting with her in the air,dangerous force field breaching charges.Flew with a monuver and nailed him with an energy charge from her hands changed to energy cannon.I then got up in the air and fired Forces charge on Military man and got him.Of my eldest then got to her Marvel Comics firearm grenade launcher and fired many shots of grenades all over the place on Zodiac Witch and Shark Man.Exploded sending them damaged.I then opened Tornado forces to over power Shark Man and to capture Military Man.Locked in and Princess Armada surrounded Zodiac Witch with a field.Shark Man then grabbed an object before going in Tornado forces.He then threw part of a car at me.Princess Armada fired a grenade round to destroy the car and I avoided it.Zodiac Witch had her firearm and was firing away at us with Military Man's ammo he made laughing.We went for cover.Princess Armada then fired a grenade round at Zodiac Witch and she dropped her gun.Other daughter went in full speed and drilled her collided into her while in s sonic boom.Shark Man grabbed a bazooka and fired a rocket shot at the CN Tower.Queen Armada was on CN Tower and then fired a current to destroy the rocket and drown it.Shark Man was reloading with Military Man both firing at the Dome and CN Tower.Princess Armada had other Princess Armada go to a meat shop.She came back and said to Shark Man "Want this!" and threw the meat in a bag to his face.This was the chance and Gloria then got the Grenade launcher ready and fired a many rounds and in his mouth opened.Exploded to knock him out and we had him captured and many explosions radius at Military Man got caught,damaged.Queen Armada then fired an energy charge at Military Man in persuit and again Force of Diamond Curse ray on him taking him out.Zodiac Witch fleeing.Fleed back to Quebec City.Well after this happening Princess Armadas said to investigate this city I went to for vacation Quebec City.Her income we'll move and live there and we did.So Mom Feroz lives in Quebec City.Princess Armada's government job to come home to me and goes through things of the day.I do some scouting in areas of Quebec and in historic Quebec.Princess Armada went to work in the Arts building and there she met Zodiac Witch as a worker.She was Katrina.Katrina worked and was older than Queen Armada.She worked there and noticed Princess Armada but could'nt figure out who she was.She got to know her and they used to go out for lunch.Then Princess Armada told me of Katrina.We then thought where the Zodiac Witch is.She must be with a new gang after capture of Shark Man and Military Man.Katrina everyday searched and searched for new group.Part of her work was this guy.He had red hair,sharp features and glasses and was a mouthy hot shot.She liked him and found out he is the Anti Christ.Anti Christ joined forces with Katarina.Katarina's was to meet another member and Anti Christ knew him.He was spray painting and painting.He was drawing pictures.He had a moustache and bulky face and this was the "Vandal".Vandal now had met Katarina and Katarina's family member Katrina.Her family was part of this war she swore she won't forget.They are not going to Toronto but stay here.Something about Princess Armada and Katarina and Katrina went to send a message with their power to fly.Princess Armada was at work and smashing on the outer glass of Arts center.The two went and chose and were looking for Princess Armada,Elysia.Elysia slipped away and came back in her atire.She was ready to take them on and they put a message done by Vandal."Come and Fight Me!"Come and Fight me was written on Quebec Cities buildings.Queen Armada as soon as Princess Armada rushed over and all of them changed to go to combat.After their enemies.They all flew full speed over the cars and upright zig zag past all cars and traffic and then upward change to vertical power and then there were at huge building.Now where are the bad guys?Vanda threw an object part of garbage can and more debris at Queen Armada and Princess Armada,who then countered with a pulse wave to collect the debris render it useless.Princess Armada dived at him slanted in flight with kick and second a punch and Vandal raised a sharp debris object and I sent a force hold back her arm and then coming full speed the Anti Christ and Katarina.Elysia then fired many rounds at all of them.She then fired energy from her cannon at Katarina.She was jolted on roof tops.Anti Christ said wired the building and was snarky and laughing.We had to get into the building and get rid of fuses.Elysia and Gloria to go and take care of that.Bad guys were going to fight but on last minute they were going to take flight.Building like 911 was going to blow.Gloria flew on the roof and Elysia plan with her sister at ground level and Mom fly in middle and use your power to open the window in middle and Queen Armada was in scouting for each in her sector of the building.I then with my scanning found one and surrounded and deactivated the fuse with my power telekenetic.1 fuse done and Feroz did it.Gloria and Elysia found their ones and EM deactivated charge each fuse.Now to take these far away and blow them.We then took the fuzes and flew full speed far away Quebec and threw the fuzes superhuman computer strength and fired a charge from each of us current merger.Smothered implosion.Now today was done next encounter.This time Elysia and Gloria Khan were going to ambush them flying full speed with Mom in back.Then they saw them flying over streets and swooped down to start fighting with them.Gloria and Elysia had submachine guns they re-engineered and spray fired at Anti Christ and he yelled to Vandal to open fire.Shootouts and Katarina and Katrina were both firing too.Queen Armada to respond with Sniper rifle.Direct hit on Anti Christ.Vandal ducked around.Katarina was hit by Queen Armada.Elysia used her power to fire a current at Vandal's leg.Got him and he was in ground.Katarina tried to do an attack and Gloria punched her upper cut and slammed her into a car and rammed her face into engine.They were both fighting.Katrina was fighting with Elysia.Elysia was wrestling to ram Katrina into a wall.Elysia then made a barrier over Katrina's legs like restraints.Katarina reached for her firearm and Queen Armada shot her from afar.Downed.Vandal was getting up and Feroz fired over and over reload with 1 hand other holding Sniper rifle and firing Vandal was downed.Anti Christ was face first and Queen Armada and Princess Armada to fly out of area.Gone.Then with Feroz practicing and doing her routines with her power that from dreamworld to the real world and then vector thrust to space to past Mars.Naturally built power and fusion.We now are going to Antarctica and Greenland in our trips on earth.We want to get into the history from our base in Halton Region looks like houses with facility underneath we built.We have our computers,scanners,offices,equipment,setup within the houses.We have Condos in Toronto and Quebec City.We are going to establish contact in Nuuk and in Davis Station.We in Davis Station will find any Galacticans and talk about France with them.Then in Greenland we will talk about the USA and Americans in Nu'uk.Go down about military and parts of it and vehicles.We will get the right co-ordinants and look at outer space constellations for our computer from Princess Armada IPOD and cellular,Touch pad.She took this and all day long til in morning.We flew as a group with our dreamworld clothes on.We were going to Antarctica first and flew above ocean upright vertical arms down but talking during trip,our robotic skills.We made it within mach speed.We less than a day were at Davis Station Antarctica.We were proudly greeted as we were from airport.We then got inside the buildings and began on info on history and to do with Galactica.And to get to computer terminal.We had our ID.International and our space at headquarters.We then were going through the info and talked we think he is in France.And they agreed but told my many more locations.We were talking and I wanted to know and told them about I am Queen Armada and I proved it dna scan.They said "Feroz" is old name and was your name longer."You have come back to Antarctica and remember but your mansion you lived in is gone.I said "Turned to stone".In our theory and we were offered loyalties Queen Armada has come back!"And I told them next is Greenland for Space Americans.Going down my space family lines and to communicate to them,the Armada's.We stayed there like a holiday place was very raw and was not refinely built Antarctica of Galactica but what remained was learning Feroz is back.Many clans broke away from the giant and it was sad.Next is Greenland.We then prepared to take things back with us programming them by transport craft land in Hamilton airport with all of our things we got.I said good bye and they got used to Princess Armada and thought they are hybrid and dream come true.We are going mach speed back and were gone we had what we were looking for.We landed at the base and decontamination and ready for Greenland.Week later we were all gone to Greenland in flight.We landed in city of Nuuk and landed upright slowed down mach speed and infiltated civilization of Nuuk with stores,they had a city but it was darker and strange civilization stores and buildings and even Natives.Well we had to base ourselves some where and we found Hotel.We talked as Princess Armada thought and we found someone.Based in a hotel.We talked about Americans and they said in past Americans of Gattaca.And they were going on and on conversation about American things.A-10's and Airshow fighters and all sorts of things they wanted in Greenland.A bunch of Americans came out and the area has deep snow and facility.Americans were going on and on and dna scan and I passed as being Florence formerly,Smith of Gattaca.And all of them had memories and turned on music.We went to the American SAC base and elderly men had towns and cities setup.It was incredibly interesting but I said all American fighters and tech are in Europe.Said yes they were changed lost supersonic idea.We said about Alaska and going on about hockey and sports.MLB.Wrestling.Princess Armada chipped in as this was discussion.She said to play some rock music and there was from America on internet.They told me of American clans of Greenland and where they went in Europe.NY city is far away to Greenland.We were having American transport Hercules loaded more equipment to our base and info.We really had our base improved.We had stills of space on touch pad done of star constellations.Mornings of night and spend night life in car drive by Princess Armada with Mom in back seat.Nuuk and many more cities. Back in earth class in Brampton,Princess Armada was captured by the Shark Man.Firoz was in underground parking lot.The Shark man was around the lake area sensing the vibration underground.He was ready to escape but wanted the stash and things to the point of evacuation to space by space ship.Space bikers were ready.Firoz was captured.Queen Armada of the present could do very little in this situation.Space ship and Firoz was gone.Now in the afterlife Feroz and her body was being extrated by Transformer Gobot system and it was taking her body to space.It then took person and blink of an eye transformed her to a machine extracting and shifting around her appearance.It had Queen Ruler all militarized and her face could transform as a mask over her face.She had verniers and was interpreting her power to machine and mechanical.Her "Greatest America Hero"instuction booklet powers.Now as a family as Princess Armada was changed and they had their being mode.She could transform and they were a family flying at light speed and a starship sighted them rendez vouz to the planet of a giant futuristic population.They were to re-entry and were going to their house and base property.They had landed and changing and walk to their front door.They were entering the futuristic home and needed rest for a few days and went through the home basement to upstairs.It was excellent to Princess Armada.They phone to government and were on their way to the city .They were going in the few days to the government.They then split into groups to take to the air and on the roads.They all went full speed to the government.They then found the government building and they hovered down.Space police told to carry on to the public.The then were waiting for the other 3 by road and streets and then were coming.The all were greeted by admininstrator.They all went in and were with a surprise.They were shown to a room and it was Queen Armada of present and past.She said that Firoz was abducted.And the adminstrator explained that the Shark man and a new maniac "Macross Man".Macross man had merged his suit to outer space with radiation from a nebula cloud.He was a machine.And a new law breaker.He was going to find out of the Shark man who used a space ship to land on this planet and commit crime.They were looting banks and had warehouses under their control with space bikers.New threat to this planet.So right after the meeting they formed patrols and sent out Princess Armada to find her sister and they hovered full speed forward in groups to search low plan.Maybe a crime might be in action.Queen Armada of future was with Queen Armada past.They now could be stationed at the government building while searching.APB and bandwidth back to Mom.Feroz was self sufficient and talking to Princess Mylene Khan Armada.Mylene and Amelia were talkng and Florence was with Feroz.Florence was talking.But then they could see what Mylene was seeing.Mylene hear a noise and they hovered down to cover.Laser fire.Mylene then transformed her mask and to another mode with her gun out.Amelia too.And Nova.They had their guns out laser suppressed submachine gun.It was near warehouse.More fire at them now.They could see some space bikes coming out and were firing at them.Amelia transformed and so did Mylene and Nova.They were after the thugs.It was a high speed chase.Now Amelia wanted to follow them.She was out of sight from far back jammer system going.They were fooling bikers making it to the shore.And from underground of the shore was a humanoid but Orca.He had an armament.Shark Man was underground and saying about "Macross Man".Space bikers were far away.Now to get into the fortress by the shore and docks.Getting in stealthily.They then took down some bikers with a charge.Brought down.Going in and wanted Firoz.Used gagets to travel to her at her holding chamber.The nanonites went and to Princess Armada as a listening device.She talked.And she was leaving within the hour.Changed invisible and had knocked out guards.Firoz was laser cutters on bars.Now they had her and a big giant stomping from a webbed feet.Use their speed and get out of here.No time to battle and they escaped and with their thrusters had Firoz full speed up in the air.Shark Man was angry.Bust out.Queen Armada was talking to Firoz and was happy then had her.Now it was both of them remain in the operation at the government building.They had Firoz.Going back and landing on the roof.Queen Armada was in ready room watching the new threat the "Orca Man."He was watched and talking of "Macross Man".Queen Armada wanted to explore the shore area with a scower of the area.They all took off tranforming.Flew throughout the city.The split up too but regrouped.They were flyng."Macross Man"was at a warehouse.He was laughing silent to himself and wanted an encounter with the new enemies.Macross Man was loading a new launcher.He was going to go out with his MP's on a tour of the city.First encounter with Princess Armada.He then spotted her and loaded launcher and fired many shots at each.Princess Armada Florence had on her sensors incoming fire.Nova and Mylene and Amelia reacted and fired countermeasures flares to destory the missiles.Barrier system was on.They then circled and fired back with laser fire at the MP's and destroying their space truck.Florence then used her power to fire a shock waves at Macross Man.He was hit and sent flying back.Now he was angry and got up and flew forward but to reload his gun and Florence fired stream to send his launcher far from his hands.He then ran forward and Princess Armada grappled with him and threw him into the car slinging his arm.He reached for a knife and Amelia fire a charge at his arm.Florence kicked him and Nova put restraints on him.He was being taken down.Police were coming and obeyed Princess Armada.They had the Macross Man.From the tunnels under roads sewers "Orca Man" came out and destroyed many police cars.They fired current at him but many Space bikers broke Macross Man free.Princess Armada was going to dismantle his systems."Orca Man" stopped this and they all made a gettaway.Macross Man was gone.Launcher he fired many shots at a building for it to crash rubble on public.Space bikers had blown their fuzes and their were explosions in the city for the gettaway.Queen Armada was airborne and going to many sites and firing her power to reverse flames and nature on them to rain down.She had grabbed some rubble flying but Queen Armada from past had debris in her grasp.Heavy part of a building to crash on the public.Both pushed the building back but call Princess Armada.Amelia came and was pushing the building back and Florence was using her power to put out fires.They had the debris caught with force.Pile was made in the part of dead end.Fires out and building pushed back.Evacuated and to be demolishined very quickly.They made off causing mayhem.They had to find them.Orca Man used his intelligence to planning things.Now a battle had to be done to bust them.Fires out and emergency done with the full backing of police.They wanted to get each.Next part getting over the demolition.That was done.Queen Armada then went out on any call and was at a bank robbery.The space bikers and MP's were workng together.Queen Armada transformed when she landed and took out her high powered hand gun laser and fired on them.She had direct hits.She then fired a laser as power on the gettaway cars.Taken out.They fired laser on her and it was deflected and dissapated.Then Princess Armada came and they got answers out of the suspects at headquarters.They gave in locations now Princess Armada was going to.Intercept course to a place by the harbor.Entering.Mylene was going in to the base.She was invisible and creeping on them and their conversation.They were talking about hitting the city and having space ships.Space ships and hord of wealth.They wanted to conquer the city.Queen Armada heard of this .Now it was to get them out of their underground.Nova and Florence were going in with C4 in space.They were wiring this and they were going to blow the base.Wired things and the space authorities were ready full scale operation.Then detonation with Mylene with Florence.Streets were caving in on the thugs.Queen Armada then after the detonation went to explore.And then the rubble went flying.Macross man was from afar and Orca Man sent out a punch and lunge at Queen Armada.Amelia knocked Feroz out of the way and Nova and Mylene fired a current to sent the Orca Man forced a direction.Macross Man was firing more launcher fire.Guided munitions.Queen Armada made a barrier.Police were from afar watching the battle.Shark Man errupted from rubble with his launcher.Orca man was going to fire.Barrier projected everywhere protect the buildings.Princess Armada fired back on them.They combined streams on both Shark Man and Orca Man.Amelia went after Macross Man firing dispensing fire and countermeasures.She was after him and then cut him off and clipped him uppercut.He went crashing and Amelia followed and landed.She fired on him.And fired many shots and he got up and thrustered full speed.Dodging the fire and hiding around the building cover.Shootouts.Amelia was punching and threw the Macross Man through a building and landing on space cars.Police decided to fire on Macross Man and his MP's causing shootout.Space bikers entered the scene and started to attack at the police and went to distract Princess Armada.Queen Armada took them out with energy and force.Restraint by EM.Orca man side by side with Great White Shark Man.Both fired their launchers at the police destroying many targets.Queen Armada and Princess Armada fired nature's force on them sending them flyng.Clearing space cars.Then the Orca Man was uncovered and a physical battle Queen Armada and Princess Armada acrobatics and landing in hits on the huge creatures.Landed and fired a charge and were making a EM net.Netting was tangling up the SharK Man with his missing bites.His mouth had a charge put into it .Both of them and their life ending bites.Lunge and bite. Princess Armada fired on their fire.She had destroyed with flares and force.Tug of war with Queen Armada getting away from those bites.Very unstable and out of control.Amelia won vs Macross Man.He was taken into custody and Amelia came it to lower the blow the both Shark Man and Orca man.Dragging them and taggling up in a charge.Tyng this around parts of the city.Fell.Trucks were brought to loader them onto.They were taken to a military hangar and put in chambers.Now in the government building things were back to normal for this planet and a free privlages of flying through the city and police popularity.Starship were happy seeing them fly in space and their transformation sound.As in their being mode and their consecutive powers and flight through the city and landscape to their base and home.Princess Armada at her station.Landing and practicing.They were heros and Queen Armada and Firoz were returned back to earth class.[7]Robotech Man and Military ManAdded by Queen ArmadaIn The Lines of the GAH.Queen Armada found something that was put into her from her samaritan character.The next in line to the suits and its powers was Queen Armada.She was going to have one with Transformer Gobot Universe design and catered to Queen Armada with the cape built into Queen Armada's apparel.The Creator Universe was making these innovations.The new suit was gone into Queen Armada's mechanical but simulate clothes and fabric.She had the suit's powers put into her as Great Lakes Triangle.It was a new power.Now she by the Creator's Universe Transformer Gobot was put on her continent over the poles of the planet.New Transformer Gobot people planet and Queen Armada a Space Federal Investigator.Now it was all complete.Queen Armada was to fight crime.And fight crime in Universe.She had the suits powers and could conduct her investigations and hide this from the Bureau.She had a face visor that was like UFP and her worlds law enforcers since space and they had boosters to fly.She could be one but wth the suits powers.Now Queen Armada and her space Chrysler car.She was on her own and to have a life.Her first part was her training as an investigator.Laser gun practice.Techniques and class.Now a case would happen as she would be on the streets at her favourite dinner to eat.Life of Feroz.Feroz now drags.She is smoking and is much more advanced than on earth a million times.Feroz's powers now mixed up with the GAH but for tranny's.Forged out in before birth period in space.Now as a samaritan.What was to be her next case as she had training.Wander the dreamworld but a real planet.Bigger than a star.Go from city to city but only when Princess Armada is to be born.She would inherit Feroz'a powers.Now to drive out into the country and to figure out powers.Feroz was very smart now.Very self sufficient and could do well at social gatherings.Feroz was now or Queen Armada was listing down powers.Hang out at the library and list powers that could be done from past Feroz.Music DVD's from North America and Europe rock music.Listen to them and they do something.Now to generate laser on the list.Back to music to think and imagine.As Queen Armada saw GAH and might meet Ralph on alien world he was on.Now I had what I had and figured out more powers also in the Space Federal archives to a power like mine and try them out.And from the GAH what was more than what Ralph new straight from creator and Allah made this power for Ralph.Others on lines than Ralph.Many tranny ones worked for me like to calm down.I had to practice my routine.I needed a vacation from the training to fool them about the powers.I was going to a planet to practice my powers and in creator watching that Feroz is going to Solail being the star size planet civilizaton of dreamworld.I then went to the space airport and was going to buy my ticket at the space airport and and to board the space vessel to this world.I was on board the ship and was going through my computer files.We were going to another quadrant.We were travelling and could see the planet.I was to touch down at the space airport and take the space transit.I then boarded the space transit.I was going as a code Queen Armada on the bus to my 7 storey condo.I was going to go home and rest but go through my work.I went throught files and computer folders of other cases like mine and my powers.I got hits and techniques from them.I then went out to patrol.I then went and jumped out my window to fly and then hover upright to fly full speed upright on the roads and register as a blip so I would not get hit.I was like skating full speed over the roads and was on APB and could hear a crime was in progress a jewelry store robbery.I said I would be there and went to intercept.I was flyling foreward and came to a halt.I then lowered my face visor and said in an authoratative voice "Stop!"I then made a field over my arm to deflect and dissipate laser fire.They then fled to a gettaway space car and were going to go light speed on the highway.I then persuded them and put a spell on the wheels to keep them held.Still and car was taken out.Then laser fire from my hand.The robbers got out and many police were to be told the location.I then changed to an agent and reported on this bust and disappeared out of there by changing.Continue that I then was at the scene and decided to shape change to my Space Federal Agent.Then left and was to go to my apartment and flew up in air to fly back.I made it to my apartment and started to go over reports and files.I was looking at powers similiar to mine.I then did my power to see something on photo and it was a man in suit laying in an apartment.I then went out to this and jumped out my window to start flying.I flew to the brick building huge and then changed to halting and flying upright to open a window.I then got in the hotel and went to hallway and had a vision of him unconscious.He was in this room and I found him on the floor.I then called emergency on space phone.I then quickly left as Queen Armada changed to agent.I then was going to the hospital and had my chrysler car there.I was waitiing and was using my power while he was there to go into locker to get the suit.I got it.Then I got in my Chrysler space car and doors locked and I was on course to the outskirts to rendez-vouz with the UFO.UFO had come and wanted me aboard.I was teleported and they all met me and I knew their alien names.We were talking and they wanted me to meet a team on Space America.We then travelled through space to Space America.Ralph was principle and was ordering around and Bill was retired and fishing.He was going to meet Ralph.Ralph got into his car and doors locked with Bill.They were being made to travel to a destination to meet with the UFO.They were teleported aboard to meet Queen Armada.Queen Armade I said to Ralph pleased to meet them and we were intruduced by the aliens from what galaxy we were from.They wanted us to be a team.Ralph thought this was great and Bill was so so.But they were beamed in Ralph's car and Bill asked about agent from Queen Armada's galaxy he knew.Now Bill was to drop Queen Armada to her hotel and Queen Armada did a power interface to make arrangements on her computer.She had ordered up things while Bill and Ralph thought of things and next day was to happen.Bill then was to pickup Queen Armada and bring her to the warehouse to look at FBI artifacts and evidence.The got into the building from Bill's clearance and from Queen Armada's.Queen Armada had clearance as she was an agent.Look at the items and use GAH power to look at and see things.They looked at a gun and car.Found something with what Queen Armada brought.She brought a suit.They looked at the GAH suit and could see a mad man Robotech Man must be related to "Firefly" and and "Military Man"They were united in a hideout and holding the suit in the air.Ralph wanted in on this.This was something.Military Man must have a record and Queen Armada was to find this.She and Bill were working hand in hand and Queen Armada was learning things from Ralph and Bill.They were a team.Queen Armada wanted to teach Ralph more things she learned.Ralph could have a field.Control his fire and fire EM force.Ralph taught powers back and really liked Queen Armada.They really learned new things.He was in on war to these enemies in vision.Bill had the suit locked up in warehouse security."Robotech Man" with Robotech features. Military Man were looking for the suit as they were the ones that injected man in suit.They now found the suit missing and by war vessel were on their way to America planet.They were going for the suit.They had rescued and brought the man from hospital.He had made an alliance with Robotech Man and Miiltary Man.They were going after the Suit.They then did not wait to land and flew from high altitude from America planet with their powers.They were tracking down the co-ordinants of the suit from the man.He could feel the suit was locked.Robotech Man flew in to the FBI headquarters and was airborne firing fire all over the place as a diversion.Military Man and the man were going by ground and had breached their way in security.They were in tunnel ways and hallways to a safe.Military Man had Robotech Man join and fire laser to cut the safe.They now had the suit and gave it to the man who put it on.Now 3 bad guys.They all were grabbing agents and police and throwing them and lasering them and M-60 space machinegun on them.They were outside and new Suit Man was blowing air on the forces to freeze them.They all took off and Queen Armada was practicing with Ralph some tactics.Ralph and Queen Armada were there but they were gone.Picked up something as evidence an emblem dropped.It gave Queen Armada and then to Ralph a vision of the 3 men.Put on a security guard's hat and found more of the 3 bad guys.Now they were on their way to Solail to make and grow in power.Feroz and Ralph then set to space as Feroz's power could see they are targeting Solail.They then flew and Ralph was ready to travel in space full speed to Solail.The Big battle was ready.The bad guys were on alien ship and gone to Solail.The bad guys were in distance of the planet and deployed themselves to spreadout through the world and cause mayhem.They had and Robotech Man was recoiling back his gun for use.Military Man wanted to start a Militia.And the bad guy with the GAH suit was going to bully beings of space and to attack warships and cause mayhem.He was going to go back to his mob.He had captured the suit.Split up in parts of the world.Queen Armada and Ralph were coming and Queen Armada to do re-entry with Ralph.They had found Solail.Now it was to work together to get leads.Feroz brought Ralph to the government to register Ralph under ID.Ralph was here on alien world as his.Feroz made a base being part of the police and intelligence headquarters.Ralph was going to listen to APB.He was listening.There was another robbery in progress and Ralph would take this one.Ralph went out and flew out headquarters tull speed and was flying over streets and high to the robbery.He had spotted it and landed.He then started to takeout people.One after another.They were getting ready to laser fire at him.Ralph grabbed a suspect and said "who do they work for!"Queen Armada came in with a Chrysler and saw Ralph.She went to the man and scanned him and searched him and found and insignia of a gang.This was where they were.Ralph dropped him and they could see the bad guy with the suit.He was jamming out and could realize cuttoff.Queen Armada realized it has to be the hotel.They were going to that as the target.Queen Armada and Ralph flew and Feroz changed to space law enforcer with GAH powers and they both flew.Robotech Man was at the hotel and was telling BG GAH to give them things and share power.Ralph was at the hotel and was on the roof while Queen Armada was middle of the building hovering in a window and entering.Many mob were firing lasers at Queen Armada firing and nailing them back.Made a barrier and Ralph flew down elevator shute.Ralph was going to pass a room door broke open and it was Bad Guy GAH.Engaged and Bad guy GAH tried to drive Ralph through the walls.Robotech Man and Queen Armada were battling and he was firing his guided missiles at Queen Armada outside the building Queen Armada and him up very high.Queen Armada lasered the missiles and was to fist drive him sending him back in the hotel.Queen Armada had flew into him.Both on top of each other and he tried to take out a sharp contra band to drive into Queen Armada blocked it with a field.Battling back and forth.Ralph had kicked the bad guy GAH into elevator shute.Ralph got up as he monkey flipped him,turned around and he flew up and driven Ralph in gut.Ralph was lying on wall of another apartment.Ralph could not use his fire so Ralph flew out of the building.Military Man heard of the battle and had set up launchers ground from his militia.And they fired on Ralph.Ralph started to fly and used power Queen Armada taught him and his fire destroyed many missiles.The bad guy GAH jumped Ralph in flight to another building across from hotel.Many Militia were firing but stopped as Military Man ordered and yelled "Stop!"Because they might hit their own.Queen Armada then fired a EM field to drag Robotech Man out of buildings to outside.Robotech Man fled down the streets in between the skyscrapers.Military Man fired on Queen Armada and Bad Guy GAH picked up antenna and was going to drive it into Ralph.Ralph grabbed it and used invisible.Ralph was gone with the antenna.Queen Armada disappeared or stealth.Queen Armada was going to volley and attack the militia.She had fired EM and energy fire at them from her hands.Bombarded them to disperse them.Ralph then flew at Robotech Man and Robotech Man had slammed into Ralph and fell.One down.Queen Armada was going to use elements on bad Guy GAH.She was going to gas him and she made a gas spell.He then dropped and fell on a building roof.Now they both could take on Military Man who was firing M-60 space machine gun fire everywhere.Ralph landed and ducking behind the buildings as he had put something on bullets.Following Ralph and Ralph had to fly full speed and Queen Armada fired laser volley to destroy them and EM shield.She now had returned fire on Military Man and Ralph with fire.Robotech Man joined in pin down and firing.Firing lasers.Military Man then charged on Ralph behind a car and ran around and was going to gun butt Ralph in gut send him flying.He wanted a straight shot on Queen Armada and Queen Armada grabbed his gun by flying straight into him colliding and sending him into a building.Queen Armada levitated the car and driven it into Military Man lodged.Robotech Man was going to fire missiles and Ralph was taking them on.Fired and Ralph flew opposite way and started fire and missiles were down.Queen Armada climbed on roof and put EM handcuffs on bad guy GAH.Put them on Military Man.Authorities had them.Now escaping Robotech Man and his volleys pre-programmed exploded some slight nuclear on Ralph and he got away to a space ship and was gone as he flew up.Bad Guy GAH was not threw and did a power boost to escape and "Robotech Man!" as he shouted.He went up high altitude and avoided the ship as Robotech Man was urging and cheering him "come in!"He was flying and space fightercraft and he had crashed through their wings and grabbed fighter and sent it out of control.Queen Armada and Ralph was going for the ship.Queen Armada flew to the fightercraft and held the body and stopped spin and then flew it upward and fired an EM to the other.She persuded after bad guy GAH and he circled to the ship which followed him.Ralph tried to go up and hold the bad guy Robotech Man's ship but a charge hit him and he was spinning out of control and Feroz had grabbed him to land and they watched as 2 bad guys left at warp.Bill was in for quiet a report and Ralph thanked Queen Armada and knew of this planet and was on his way back."If ever any more trouble don't hesitate to call!"Ralph flew up and was gone to his planet.New enemies and they would not end. 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